Experimental RSS reader for Commodore home computers

Enjoy a distilled version of the current public RSS feed of Forum64.de on your Commodore home computer.

A just-for-fun project which auto-updates the binaries on this website every couple of minutes according to updates in the RSS feed.

Your choice


Runs on Commodore 64 (real or emulated) or on Commodore 128 in 64 mode.

You may also directly open the current C64 PRG using the vc64web emulator by clicking on the Launch button.


Runs on Commodore 128 (real or emulated) and uses the 80 column text output (VDC based screen rendering).

Use Vice emulator x128 to easily see the second screen.


Runs on Commodore Plus/4 or C16 (real or emulated)

Has only been tested with real Plus/4 and Yape emulator so far.

C64 GeoRAM image

512 KB GeoRAM image can be used with Vice C64 emulator or a real or emulated GeoRAM/NeoRAM.

Launch Vice like this: x64 +georam -georamsize 512 -cartgeoram f64rss_c64_georam.img. At basic prompt, enter SYS 56832.

The RSS feed of Forum64 used for this experiment is taken from https://www.forum64.de/index.php?board-feed.

Coded in December 2020 by emulaThor